St. George’s, 23rd March 2023 – The Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) is proud to announce the launch of The Pure Grenada Excellence Champion program, a comprehensive customer service training program specifically designed to promote a culture of excellence for Grenada’s hospitality enterprises. This program is an expansion of the GTA’s current training program offered to front line stakeholders.

The Pure Grenada Excellence Champion program is a unique initiative that seeks to build upon Grenada’s natural warmth and friendliness while providing exceptional experiences to local and visitors alike. The training will specifically enhance the operations and services of transportation and attraction providers, vendors and tour operators.

Participants in the program will receive training that will build skills and capacity, better enabling them to provide exceptional customer service to their customers and the training will cover every aspect of hospitality and service excellence.

The on-going courses will be  facilitated by Mr. Eddie Frederick – Image Management Consultant and Human Resource Development/Training Specialist – and will range from introductory to advanced levels, covering six (6) primary focus areas: Identity & Culture, Visitor Expectations, Relationship Building, Environment, Honesty & Respect, and Recognizing Bias and Discriminatory Behaviors. All stakeholders in the identified sectors are welcome to participate and there will also be a module designed for members of management teams.

Speaking at the launch of the program, Chief Operating Officer of the Grenada Tourism Authority, Kirl Hoschtialek stated, “The destiny of any industry is determined by the value it places on its human resources. The Grenada Tourism Authority wants to support developing a strong culture in our beautiful tri-island state, in order to influence the direction to meet and exceed customer expectations.”

Randall Dolland, Chairman of the Grenada Tourism Authority reinforced, “This training program will be an ongoing initiative to foster continuous improvement in our service levels. Grenadians are known for being some of the friendliest people in the world, so our customer service must be among the best in the world. You can get a beach anywhere, but it’s the small things that we do that will resonate. One aspect of the training programme has been specifically designed for managers and business owners in the tourism and hospitality industries, with a special emphasis on our taxi associations, including taxi drivers and water taxi operators.”

The launch was attended by representatives from Grenada’s taxi associations – Grenada Taxi & Tour Guide Association, Grenada Marina Taxi Association, Grenada Hotel Taxi Association, Grenada Airport Taxi Association, Progressive Airport Taxi Union, Grenada Water Taxi Association, National Taxi Association as well as members of the management committee of the Grand Anse Craft & Spice Market.

The program will commence its first training courses in Carriacou from April third to sixth 2023.

For more information about the Pure Grenada Excellence Champion Programme, contact the Grenada Tourism Authority via telephone 440-2001 (St. George’s), 443-7948 (Carriacou) or email